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Guide Reports

There's lots of knowledge to be gained from books.

The challenge however is actually making the time to read them and just as importantly, applying what we learn.

I mean, if we're going to invest the time to read we might as well see a return on that investment... Right?

These are just a few of the reasons why we created Guide Reports. They're 6-7 page PDFs that cover the most profound principles of the top books in:

  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Performance Psychology

What makes these Guide Reports even more valuable is that they provide specific tactics on how to develop the skills, beliefs and behaviors needed to become a top performer in your industry.

They'll also provide you with proven strategies that will help you accomplish whatever is most important to you throughout your career.

Did I mention that they take less than ten minutes to read?

Many say that knowledge is power. It's not. It's only potential power.

I say this because we could have all the knowledge in the world. But if we don't know how to apply it then we don't create any value for ourselves and others.

Well, these Guide Reports will not only provide you with the knowledge but they'll tell you exactly how to leverage it giving you an invaluable return on your investment.

Take advantage of them and knowledge truly will become your power.

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Blake Cavignac
Blake Cavignac
YPE Founder

Over the past ten years Blake has led thousands of college students and young professionals through the programs he has created and the companies he has built.

Here's what others have to say about him:

Blake is one of the top thinkers and advisors out there on optimizing the performance of young professionals.

- Tim Leman

As a CEO I’m constantly learning from Blake on how I can better communicate, understand and leverage the great talent of his generation.

- Scott White

Whether you’re a young professional or seasoned professional, you should follow Blake and the trail he’s blazing.

- Mike Natalizio

Blake is one of those dynamic individuals you read about in leadership books and hope to work for at some point in your career.

- Ben Drake

I absolutely believe Blake is on the forefront of his field with the work he does for young professionals and executives alike. I highly urge jumping at the chance to work with Blake.

- Julie Gergen

Blake is a natural leader. For every thousand young leaders I meet, their may be one like Blake.

- Marshal Simons

For more information on Blake along with what the YPE team is building, go check out YoungPro Elite.